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“Affordable” Spirit Airlines Plans Fee Hike!

by frugalista on May 4, 2012

So, Spirit Airlines will start charging customers up to $100 for checking a carry on bag registered at the gate. Seriously, Spirit? So much for being a low-cost carrier or having affordable flights! It starts on Nov. 6. Right now, the fee is $45.

I remember a time when it was free to have carry on bags on flights! I also remember when we got two free bags to check in when flying. I understand the need to compensate for rising fuel costs, but Spirit is taking things too far. I truly hope other airlines don’t pick up on this craze. I do believe I will be rather scarce on Spirit Airlines.

I think JetBlue will be seeing a lot more of me!

What do you think about the upcoming fee hike? Do you travel on Spirit? Do you like the service? What’s your favorite airline?

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