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Does Diddy Need Help Managing Money?

by frugalista on May 25, 2012

Yikes! Does Diddy help budgeting money? After tweeting about plans to make it rain in Miami at the strip club, a freelancer who allegedly did work for Diddy in February took offense! The contractor said that Diddy owed him money. Take a look below at the screen shot of the #payyourbills Twitter take down by the contractor/freelancer.

Now, I know first hand how frustrating it is when people don’t pay freelancers on time. You do the work and it can take MONTHS of calling and emails to get people to pay you. It doesn’t matter what the contract says. Businesses pay when they want to. Still, I’m not sure that at Diddy’s level that he’s processing paperwork. I’m starting to think that he may need to have a talk with his payroll department or fire some staffers. I doubt that he saw the man’s invoice for work. For sure Diddy needs to make sure that if the freelancer is owed money, he is paid. Take that! Take that!

What I’m more upset about is Diddy making it rain with $2 million. I’m all for stripper rights but that is over the top! He could pay for free rides during New Year’s Eve with that money!! Wasn’t it just a few short years ago that Diddy complained about the gas being too high? It’s time to SAVE MONEY, Diddy!

What have you done to get paid on time? Has anyone every owed you money? How do you bill collect? Do you think Diddy knows how to budget money?

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