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Groupon Voucher Settlement Explainer

by frugalista on May 29, 2012

If you’ve ever bought a Groupon, you may have gotten an email about a class-action lawsuit and settlement. Groupon users sued the company for allegedly having wrongful restrictions and expiration dates. Groupon is proposing paying a $8.5 million settlement, but please don’t think you’ll be getting rich off that teeth-whitening service or steak dinner meal deal that you bought! Groupon has to pay legal bills first!

Here’s the break down:
*The settlement class includes anyone in the U.S. who bought a Groupon deal or received one as a gift from November 1, 2008, through December 1, 2011.
*The settlement offers those who submit claims a “settlement voucher” that can be redeemed through the merchant for goods “up to the purchase price that you paid.” For instance, if you paid $20 to get $40 worth of a product or service, you will get a ticket for $20.
*If a business refuses to honor the settlement vouchers, Groupon users can can get a refund check with 20 percent of the deal’s promotional value added on top.
*For more information check out the Groupon Voucher Settlement website.

Did you get an email about the proposed settlement? Do you think Groupon is shady? Do you even fill out those claim forms on settlements? Is it worth it?

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