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How A Frugal Economist Finds Places to Eat Lunch

by frugalista on May 2, 2012

The Atlantic had a great article on how an economist picks the best restaurants for frugal and fabulous dining. Economist Tyler Cowen’s ideas for saving money at lunch are absolutely awesome. He’s the author of How An Economist Gets Lunch: New Rules for Everyday Foodies.

My Favorite Money Saving Tips on Frugal Dining from Tyler Cowen

Streets > Avenues

Eat on streets in New York, and not avenues because the rent tend to be lower on streets. Fewer people travel on the streets, so the restaurant has to compete for customers.

Eat at food trucks.

I know for a fact that food trucks have scrumptious food. I totally agree with this tip and the meals are often gourmet at affordable street food prices.

Strip malls are sexy

Don’t only eat in the city but go to eat in a strip mall. Because the rents in cities are high, Tyler says that ethnic establishments are setting up in suburbs. Tyler says that because of the low rent, the restaurant owners are more likely to try daring dishes. I can say that I have a few suburban restaurants that know my name very well. The food is so consistent. I totally agree with this advice.

How do you find frugal and fabulous places to eat? What’s your favorite place to eat? Is it in a city or in a suburban strip mall? What’s your favorite type of food?

Thank you, Janell for the tip!

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