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Affordable Ways to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

by frugalista on June 6, 2012

With the gory news of a Miami face-eating attack on a homeless man, a cannibal porn star, a man eating off his wife’s lips, and a Maryland college student chewing another man’s heart and brain, I can understand the current zombie hysteria. I’m not one to believe in the folkore of zombies in real life, but I do believe that people are starting to take some bad drugs called bath salts that are making them act bat-assed crazy. The sad thing about these cases is that these flesh-happy men aren’t half-bad looking! I’m not feeling this cannibal cutie craze! iDigress.

So anyway, I live in Miami where preparing for hurricane season is a habit. I’m going to offer similar tips in case you need to hide out in your house for a bit. You never know if your neighbors may want to try out some crazy new drug and start thinking you look tasty. If you don’t believe that there are zombies (which is the probably the best way to think), then consider these budgeting tips for an emergency survival tool kit.

Affordable Ways to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse (Or Any Emergency)

1) Write down a list of all the items that you want to buy. Consider emailing yourself that list or adding it to a notebook-type app on your smart phone.
2) Each week, plan to buy at least two items on your preparation list so that you don’t stress out your bank account at once. If you wait until the last minute, you could risk becoming a victim of price gouging. Or, the supplies could not be available.
3) Check your Sunday newspaper regularly for coupons and deals on the items on your preparation list.

Emergency Survival Tool Kit Check List (Three Day Supplies)

1) Large rubber/plastic bin to house your items
2) batteries
3) water
4) bleach
5) flashlights (one for each family member)
6) extra meds for pets
7) clock radio
8 old-school phone (not cordless)
9) baby wipes
10)copies of prescriptions
11) disposable plates and forks
12) protein bars
13) non-perishable food
14) Candles
15) matches
16) first-aid kit

Do you have an emergency preparation kit? Do believe in zombies? What’s up with flesh-eating trend? How do you prepare?

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