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Fashion Feature: ‘Syfto’ Start Up Focuses on Fab, Frugal Finds

by frugalista on June 11, 2012

Hey, Frugs! I want to start featuring interesting start ups that help make our young and fabulous lives more frugal.Today, I’m featuring Syfto: We Syft You Find. I interviewed Rohit Sharma of start up Syfto, a company that specializes in organizing your daily deals finds by taste. There are so many people who are shopping on a budget using any number of daily deal sites. The landscape gets a bit crowded and overwhelming! Syfto features a lot of a shopping deals from a lot of sites that you can look at on or get emailed to you! Enjoy!

1) What made you create Syfto?

We felt we could offer consumers a smarter and better way to shop online. Existing deal-providers encouraged people to sign up and then consumers have no control over what deals land in their inbox every day. Syfto wants to return the control back to the user in terms of browsing their interests and finding deals that match their interests. We want to be your personal shopper online – smart, experienced, and efficient in finding what you are looking for at the best price.

2) Do you think we’ll see a lot more companies taking advantage of the daily deal management marketplace? If so, why?

I think we will see all companies engaged in e-commerce of any kind take part in these ‘managed’ or ‘curated’ marketplaces. Consumers want the best deal possible on anything they shop for and the best experience and the best service. In the past two years we saw deals1.0. This has whetted the consumers’ appetite to want more and companies will respond to offer more – each from their own unique approach to the problem.

3) How is your site different than others?

The single biggest difference is that we focus on smart aggregation of deals as well as other products. The smart part comes from constantly figuring out how our users engage with the deals they find on our site and using that information to determine the most suitable deals for them. We want the user to have the quickest and least stressful experience possible when they look for a deal. We want every consumer click to matter – it should improve their experience AND make us smarter about what they are looking for and how best to provide it.

4) Do you think we are becoming addicted to daily deal sites? That would be a good thing for business, no?

I think consumers are spending time on various deal sites to find and buy the best deal possible. The fact that they may spend too much time doing so is a failure on our part – it means we have not done their job well. If we get it right and offer a great experience as well as great value to consumers, it will become a regular everyday activity where the consumers are receiving the deals they want – with the least work on their part. We dont want the consumers to get addicted to spending time on our sites, we want them to have a great experience first and then feel great about finding a great deal.

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