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Frugal Money-Saving Tips: The Frugalista Files Book Available in Korea

by frugalista on June 3, 2012

Hello, Korea!! I just got a sneak peak of the cover of the book The Frugalista Files, Korean edition! When I wrote the book, I had no idea that Koreans would be interested in what I had to say about trying to live fabulous on a frugal budget. There are no words to explain what it feels like to see your work translated in another language! Frugal fabness knows no boundaries!!

If you want some info on low-cost fashion, ideas on saving money, or budgeting tips, please click on one of the links on this page to purchase the book! It’s my Amazon affiliate link for the purchase, so it will help support the author- me! :)

Have you been to Korea? I need to make a visit, right?

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