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Stay Fab: Guest Post on Preserving Your Expensive Fashion Investments!

by frugalista on June 4, 2012

Hey Frugs! We have a guest post today from Denitria Lewis, a Facebook friend and fellow reality show addict viewer. Denitria is one of those types who knows the dates of the Gucci private sale and has the scoop on New York sample sales! I just had to recruit her to to give us her fly-girl tips on how to maintain your fab buys. Finding a great deal is a rush – maintaining that fab deal is an art! Please enjoy this post from Denitria!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Battered Designer Fashion!

Admit it. Your guilty pleasure is watching trashy reality shows not for the catfights – but for the catwalk. The Basketball Wives crew is always in the latest fashion.
Now granted, we’re not all taking our fashion cues from infamous reality celebs, but one can’t ignore the new obsession with Christian Louboutins, Gucci Frames, and luxe calfskin Chloe “it” bags. That said, your secret’s safe with us.

But what’s sadder than an epic fallout with your BFF while TV cameras are rolling? An epic scuff on your glitter Louboutin pumps the reunion special couch!!

If you’ve invested in a pair of shoes that would closely rival a car note or rent payment, you must know how to take care of them at home! Unless you’re independently wealthy, it’s not likely that you’re living a car service life. Since most of us don’t have Shaunie O’Neal’s budget, here are a few tips for protecting and preserving your timeless classic fashion investments!


Find a reputable shoe cobbler in your city

The first thing I do when I cop a pair of Gucci pumps from their half-yearly private sale, is go straight to The Leather Spa in NYC to have them professionally treated for the imminent changes in weather, have a sleek grip sole added, and maybe a little stretching to get that perfect fit. It’s the best $50 you’ll spend to protect the life of the shoe.

There is NOTHING that my cobbler can’t do. They’ve even repaired my espadrille wedges after my infamous Mexico Rock Climbing photo shoot. #dontask

Prices tend to range from $15-$50 for weather-proofing, stretching and protective soles. Those espadrille wedges? The base of the shoe was removed from the cork sole itself – it was completely unrecognizable – and they fixed the entire wedge for less than $50! On average you can expect your goods back in two weeks or less. Perfection takes time, so plan ahead.

Insider tip: Ask friends for recommendations for a great shoe cobbler. Also, check review sites such as Yelp for information about the services.


Show your leather some love

Whether it’s a suede clutch or your favorite cropped motorcycle style leather jacket, there will always be an inevitable stuck zipper or nick in the leather from sliding in the door a bit too closely. If you’re buying goods direct from a luxury manufacturer, you may get some benefit from its “after-care services.”
If you’ve gotten an item from a sample sale or big box retailer like Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s, you’re responsible for your own repairs. In New York, your bag is like your car, so you’re destined to break a strap or two from tossing your laptop, heels and the kitchen sink in your tote. You want to be sure you have someone that will treat your handbag with care as if they had crafted it themselves.

Insider tip: Any shoe cobbler can repair leather. It’s not just about shoes. Still, check first to see if the designer will repair the item first!

“Tailor made” is your friend.

Tailor made isn’t code language for custom or handmade couture, and it also doesn’t always mean expensive. Most clothes are made for fit models whose lives are made by fitting the designer’s vision for the clothes on both a model and the hanger.

If you have a great seamstress or tailor in your contact list, then you are well on your way to your transforming your closet into an attainable couture paradise. A great tailor can take those designer slacks you got on clearance that are a little too big in the waist, and figuratively “nip them in the bud.” A spaghetti strap dress with straps that just won’t stay on your shoulders? No problem! Having a great tailor or seamstress on hand will really help you make the best of a sample sale cocktail dress, or that investment trench you scored from Chloe.

Insider tip: To save money, I just make friends with my local cleaners. I always pick cleaners that have an old-school sewing machine near the sales desk. That tells me that either the owner or his wife can sew and have been doing it since heck was a puppy!

Denitria Lewis is a Cultural Sommelier™ and Founder of The DNYREE Group, a Cultural Marketing & Media Consulting Firm. She is an avid cultural observer who can be found waxing poetic about travel, fashion, youth, human nature, and most importantly shoes. For more random observations about the intersection of culture and social media, follow her on Twitter @ambereuros.

What do you think about Denitria tips? How do you preserve your most prized buys?

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