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Richest Green Billionaires

by frugalista on June 19, 2012

Hey Frugs! Forbes has an article on the world’s “Richest Green Billionaires.” Hmm. Can you be a billionaire and not rich? I digress! It’s awesome to know that we can save the environment and earn money. These green billionaires invest in the electric car, biofuel and solar panel industries, for example. Reading about these billionaires who are respecting the earth is encouraging. It’s important for them to do well because it helps create more “green-collar jobs” for our economy. Also, using sustainable products helps you save money. If you’re looking for renewable energy jobs, check out All young professionals should consider a sustainable-energy career. Maybe with a little career experience, Frugalistas can become the next generation of green billionaires!

Have you ever considered a green job, ya know, developing wind turbines and what not. Would owning a consignment shop be considered a green job? What do you think about billionaires who try to help the environment? Are green jobs a joke?, Flickr

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