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Summer Beauty Tips

by frugalista on June 26, 2012

Today, I’m excited to have an interview with Patrice Grell Yursik, editor of and a super cool and awesome woman! Patrice is all about “all shades of beautiful” on her top ranked beauty blog. I’ve known her for years and it’s exciting to see how her beauty blog and personal brand have grown. Yes, she was in the New York Times this week! Yay! Frugalistas will splurge on beauty products, so please enjoy Patrice’s expert info for how to get ready for summer!

Summer Make Up Tips from Patrice Grell Yursik, editor of

What are some make up trends for the summer time?

For summer, you can punch up the color but because of the heat, less is more. So I’d say go for a bold eyeliner with staying power, and a bangin’ lip. I love a deep orange lip, it makes such a strong and unexpected statement. Go light on foundation and all that heavy makeup, it’s just going to melt if you’re outside anyway. A bronzer with subtle shimmer will help you look dewy and sexy, like you’re in an Enrique Iglesias video, instead of melting in the heat like a sad ice cream cone. I speak from experience and with love.

What are some essential things that we need in our make up bag to beat the heat this summer?

I’m obsessed with sun protection and primers, and now there are some amazing primers with SPF in them! Salma Hayek’s line, Nuance has an incredible Smooth Start Skin Primer that has SPF 20, and I usually wear it over my Mario Badescu oil free moisturizer which is SPF 30. I don’t play when it comes to skin care. A good primer will make all your makeup last. Make Up For Ever makes a great eye primer, and so does Urban Decay and Ruby Kisses. I also love a long lasting eyeliner. Make Up For Ever and Urban Decay make incredible eyeliners, but a drugstore alternative for Frugalistas would be Milani, which makes HOT colors for cheap, and Cover Girl. Their Queen Collection liners are really pretty.

What do you think about the pastel matte lip? Do you like it? Do you have any suggestions for brands?

I’m not a fan of a pastel lip. A matte lip, sure. I love a sexy red or orange matte lip, or fuchsia, or purple even. But the opaque pastel look can be clownish on even the most beautiful woman. Also, many of us women of color have lip discoloration that can be exaggerated with this lip trend. To say it isn’t for everybody is an understatement. If you really must have this look in your life, I’d say look to MAC and Bobbi Brown – they both have many pale pink, pastel matte and creamy lipsticks that can give the coverage you might be looking for, if that’s your cup of tea.

How can we pick the perfect bronzer in the summer time? Is it even needed?

I find so much inspiration in Sam Fine’s makeup techniques, so I’d say yes to bronzer no matter the season. It just adds that extra je ne sais quoi to your overall look. For a less “done” look in the summer, I sometimes use bronzer as blush. I love Avon’s Sun Glow bronzer, Cover Girl Queen Collection bronzer, and Iman also makes a great one.

What should we never leave the house without putting on our faces?

This is tricky because I don’t ever try to tell people what to do…but I’d definitely say sun protection. Doesn’t matter what your skin color is. Skin cancer and sun damage are too real, and anyone can get it. I personally leave the house having used that, primer, a tinted moisturizer or light foundation coverage, powder, blush, bronzer, eye makeup, a bangin lip….I could go on and on. I don’t mean to be high maintenance but I gotta represent. And I’m one of those people who enjoy makeup and find it fun and relaxing. So there’s that.

What’s your favorite moisturizer?

Right now it’s a toss up between Mario Badescu’s oil free with SPF 30 or Bliss The Youth As We Know It, also with SPF 30. Drugstore brands, I think Olay is excellent and I really like all of their products. And I really like Aveeno and Neutrogena, too.

Should we change foundation shades in the summer? If so, why?

I know I get maybe two shades darker in the summer, as long as I’m outside and enjoying the weather it’s going to happen. So yes, I’d say it’s good to have a few different shades on hand. It’s important to do your makeup in the right lighting so you can truly see what your skin tone is. I’ve definitely found myself applying a shade that’s too light or too dark before. If in doubt, test a little on your jawline. Remember foundation shouldn’t be obvious or apparent, it should just make your own skin appear flawless.

What are the most valuable make up lines? It can be expensive or drug store, as long as it’s worth our hard-earned dollars!

For department store, I’d say NARS, MAC, Urban Decay, Make Up For Ever, Tarte, Too Faced, Prescriptives, and Vincent Longo are makeup brands I’ve consistently loved. All of those brands have high quality items in their product line. For drugstore, I love Milani, Cover Girl, Black Opal, Iman, and Maybelline. Those are the brands I buy from time and time again.

How can shiny Frugalistas deal with our skin? It’s so hard! Must we walk around with a powder puff glued to our palms?

Not at all! Being shiny is a good thing because it means your skin is going to be wrinkle free and young looking for longer than our naturally matte counterparts. I recommend dealing with shine in layers. Start with an oil absorbing or oil free primer. Use an oil free foundation or concealer. Use a powder to set your situation – Black Opal makes an amazing powder ( that literally blocks the oil, at drugstore prices. And when you go out, make sure you have your blotting sheets. Lately I’ve been loving Mally Beauty’s Evercolor Poreless Face Defender. now it’s in a compact. That stuff is the future, for real.

What’s in your make up bag?

Photo credit:Chuck Olu-Alabi

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