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Want to sit next to a friend on a flight? Pay up!

by frugalista on June 20, 2012

If you want to sit with your family on a flight, some airlines may charge you extra for that convenience. How atrocious. Called “premium seating,” you may be asked to chip in an extra $30 to $90 to have your loved one sit next to you on the airplane. There is no joy!

I have had it with these airline fees! When will this trend be over? If you want to help your chances of sitting with your travel partners on a flight -without getting charged extra – here are some affordable-flying tips from KABC-TV in Los Angeles:

1) Try to book your ticket two months in advance, when there are more seats available
2) Travel airlines like Southwest, which have first-come-first-served seating.
3) Using a travel agent can help you get the lowest rate on a flight
4) Five days before departure, you ahouls visit the airline website. That’s when “elite” frequent flyers are upgraded to first class, freeing up coach seats.

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