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What the Affordable Healthcare Act Means for Frugalistas

by frugalista on June 28, 2012

Well, the Supreme Court has upheld the Affordable Care Act, the law that requires virtually all Americans have health insurance by 2014. I’m pretty happy with what the top court decided. So many people have been forced to file bankruptcy because of health care costs. No bueno.

Whatever you think about the Affordable Healthcare Act, PLEASE don’t think moving to Canada will make it better. I will laugh at you.

So anyway, I wanted to include a round up of articles that I find informative and non partisan, STARTING WITH THE ACTUAL RULING. I believe in reading different types of media AND READING THE ACTUAL DOCUMENTS. I’m an information junkie!

Kick-butt article from Forbes on what the Act Means to Frugalistas, I mean, women! :)

From Bankrate:High court saves health care law

The Washington Post has a cute calculator that will tell you exactly what the Affordable Healthcare Act means for you!

Mandi Woodruff from Business Insider is on the case with a comprehensive piece on the tax credits and provisions of “Obamacare”

Will the Affordable Healthcare Act help you save money? Are you happy, mad or sad at the Supreme Court ruling?

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