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Best Apps to Save Money on Gaming

by frugalista on July 20, 2012

Today, I have a guest blog from Jordan Bobbit, a college coed and daughter of one of my favorite bloggers, Reads4Pleasure. I had the pleasure of hanging with Jordan and her mom on a recent trip to New Orleans. I knew immediately that I needed to have Jordan’s smarts on all things gaming on! Yay for young college students on a budget! They have the best ideas for how to be frugal!! Enjoy the guest post! xo, Natalie

Save Money: Fabulous Free Apps for Gamers!

Hello, all. Before I get on to the blog, I want to ask a question: How many of you have smart phones? Now,  how many of you actually just make calls with your phone? No one? That’s what I thought.

If you’re anything like me, your phone is more than a communication device, it’s also an entertainment system, filled with music and games that keep my wandering hands and mind occupied. The only problem is, stocking your phone with all those great games can be costly. At the end of the month, all those $.99 charges add up. And if you want to talk about buying and playing games for a console, those can run you upwards to $60.

But fear not, here are a few apps – they’re free too – to help ease the pain in your wallet and save money. They are all apps available on the iPhone, as that is what I use, but I’m sure there are comparable apps for Droid and others.

For the Casual Gamer:
There’s Game Finder – By Big Fish Games. Big Fish is a PC and Mac game client. In English that means they’re a company that hosts games that you can pay for and download for your computer. Their stock includes big hits like Diner Dash to lesser known but no less loved titles like Kudos. From the app you can look at demos, survey their games, and even look at game recommendation for your iPhone and iPad.

For the Hardcore Gamer:
There’s the GameFly app. GameFly is basically NetFlix for video games: you sign up, pay monthly, and get games delivered to your mailbox to keep for as long as you’d like. That, in and of itself, is a wallet-saver since paying $15 to $25 a month hurts my heart a lot less for paying the standard $59.99 if I wanted to get my hands on a copy of Mass Effect 3. But to top it off, GameFly gives out a “Game of the Day” notice that highlights a new game that you may not have noticed yet. They also run ads announcing a free month that you won’t get by following the TV ads, so it’s worth it to download that app even if you don’t subscribe.

For Those In Between:
There’s my personal favorite, Free App Tracker. What makes this app so great is that, yes, it does show all free apps, as well show which ones have recently become free and which ones are on sale, but it goes a step further than that. With this app you can select a specific app and the Tracker will let you know if your app suddenly goes on sale. Apps go on sale all of the time, but unless you’ve got your eyes glued to the App Store, you probably miss it. The tracker takes the work out of it for you. It works for all types of apps, not just games, although you can get it to narrow the field into any category you’d like.

Jordan Bobbitt is a sophomore at Beloit College in Wisconsin who enjoys writing fan fiction and third-person shooters

What do you think about Jordan’s tips? Do you have any gaming apps that you’d like to share? What’s your favorite game to play? Are you addicted? LOL!

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