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Hot New Hip Hop Record:Save Yo’ Dough!!

by frugalista on July 27, 2012

Hey Frugs! One of my Credit Union Swag peeps on Twitter sent me the song “Save Yo’ Dough!” Eminem needs to be worried! This song is so hot! Talk about young and fabulous savings tips! I swear, someone needs to sign the rapper, DJ Lay! Is Young Money looking for new acts? I know Drake has been a headache lately with that nasty Chris Brown brawl Time for Lil’ Wayne to sign a new act, and DJ Lay is already financially focused like Young Money! Credit unions are something you may want to look into!

Best line in the song–> “It ain’t about what you drive; it’s about money in the bank. What good is your ride with no gas up in your tank?” TRUTH!!

Do you belong to a credit union? Why or why not? Will this song make it to the top of the charts?

Images_of_Money, Flickr

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