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Affordable Back-To-School Shopping!

by frugalista on August 10, 2012

Save Money on Back-To-SchoolHey Frugs! So I know that back-to-school-shopping is in full swing. I wanted so share some tips below to help you manage your money!

•Bargain Books: If you are buying for a college student, consider renting textbooks from sites like or instead of buying from pricey campus bookstores. Consider buying used textbooks from Also, and offer books for a small fraction of retail costs.

•Don’t Duplicate: You should run your home like a business. Take inventory of all the supplies your children may have lying around from last year before you hit the stores. You may have stray crayons, highlighters or calculators that will save you from buying unnecessary items. Also, be sure to comb through your child’s closet for clothing that can be worn during the new school year. Any decent clothing that can’t be used can be donated to a registered charity, such as Goodwill, for a tax write-off.

•Wait List: While many experts suggest that parents buy items off their child’s school’s shopping lists, Holly Bohn, founder/creative director of, says it’s better to wait to buy the nonessential supplies, such as ink cartridges, antibacterial hand wipes and tissue.

•Bulk Buying: If you find a really good sale on some items, don’t be afraid to buy in bulk. Provided that the retailer doesn’t have a limit on how many you can buy, take advantage.

•Applicable Apps/Tech Savvy: Apps such as shopsavvy (available on the iPhone and on Android) allow you do scan bar codes at the store to make sure you are getting the best price anywhere that an item is sold, including online. The app is free for Android phones and is $1.99 on the iPhone. Also sites, such as, traditionally have a back-to-school sales section that compiles the best deals anywhere. is a comprehensive resource for finding store coupon codes for online shopping.

•DIY Discounts: Heather Wheeler, founder of, says students should decorate their own supplies.

For instance, Justin Bieber notebooks cost more than the plain-covered ones, but are a must have for many young girls. Instead of paying extra, host a DIY party for kids and their friends to decorate their own notebooks and folders with photos from the Internet or magazines. Use the same idea for boys by featuring the latest superhero.

What are some of your shopping on a budget tips for back to school? What’s your favorite savings tip?

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