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Affordable Vs. Expensive Wine

by frugalista on August 1, 2012

I love affordable luxury, really I do. I’ve always been a fan of affordable wine, but I had no idea that most non-experts can’t tell the difference between expensive and cheap wine! Really? Yay! So my affection for Barefoot wine is frugal and fabulous!

A study said that people could only tell the difference between the affordable and high-price white wine about 53 percent of the time and 47 percent for red wines, which is about the same odds of flipping a coin, according to the Guardian newspaper in London.

A quote from the study’s author, Richard Wiseman, a psychologist at Hertfordshire University:

“The real surprise is that the more expensive wines were double or three times the price of the cheaper ones. Normally when a product is that much more expensive, you would expect to be able to tell the difference,” Wiseman said.

This is really good news for Frugalistas! Buying a glass of wine at the bar is a lot less expensive than buying a mixed drink. The next time that you go to a dinner party, bring a bottle of wine for the guest. The $12 wine will taste just as good as the pricey wine!

So if you’re looking to save money on your wine, please consider the more affordable wine! No one will ever know!

What’s your favorite affordable wine?

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