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Big Risk, Big Reward:A Lesson From Gold Medal Olympian Gabby Douglas

by frugalista on August 3, 2012

Hey Frugs, unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you should know that Gabby Douglas is a gold medalist in the individual women’s gymnastics all around competition at the London Olympics. I am so proud of the bubbly, young and fabulous 16 year old! I’m proud of all of Olympians, who are competing at the highest level, but Gabby has a special place in my heart. She exemplifies the fourth step in the Frugalista plan : Take a Risk and Have Fun! This teen knew that she needed better coaching, so she moved in with a host family in Iowa to train with her current coach. That decision helped to pave the way for her to get her gold medals in the Olympics and almost certainly millions in endorsement deals to come! I can’t imagine being a young teen and deciding to leave my mother and three siblings to move to Iowa. She even left her longtime coach, a move which seems to still bother her old coach. When you take a risk, not everyone will understand.Oh well. Don’t let that stop you from taking a risk! Gabby took a risk to pursue her passion and now she’s literally at the top of her game – at age 16!!

For the rest of us, whether you are battling debt, a small savings account or crappy job, remember to take a risk! If a 16-year-old girl from Virginia can dream big and win, what can we do when we trust in ourselves? Big Risk = Big Reward!

I wish Gabby Douglas nothing but the best in life. I hope that she has a good financial team to help her make wise decisions with her money. Her life will never be the same. Gabby if you’re listening, please be sure to save money! BTW, here are the four-steps of the Frugalista plan!
1) Cut expenses 2) Earn More Money 3) Invest in Yourself 4) Take a Risk and Have fun

Please view the video below detailing how it took a village to help Gabby get to this awesome place. I must shout out her mother, host family and coach!

Are you watching the Olympics? What do you think about Gabby Douglas? What’s your favorite event? Have you ever taken a risk?

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