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An “Attorney Frugalista” Sues Forever 21 in Alleged Penny Scam

by frugalista on September 5, 2012

A “Frugalista” attorney is suing low-cost fashion store Forever 21 for allegedly crediting her back a penny less than she was owed after returning a pair of shorts and a skirt on two different occasions.

This is from the article in the Daily Business Review:
(Carolyn) Kellman, an attorney with the Strickland Law Firm in Coral Gables, returned the shorts to the Forever 21 in the Shops@Sunset Place on May 30 but was credited $14.45, “or exactly $0.01 less,” the complaint said.

On June 27, Kellman was charged $11.57 for a skirt, also black, at the Sunset Place store. She returned it July 13 and was credited $11.56, according to the complaint, which attaches copies of her receipts and alleges breach of contract, unfair and deceptive practices, and unjust enrichment.

The lawsuit, which accuses the retailer of a “penny-skimming scheme,” seeks class-action status for two groups — anyone who has been charged 1 cent more and anyone refunded 1 cent less by Forever 21 in the past five years. The $15,000 threshold for civil actions in Miami-Dade Circuit Court translates to 1.5 million pennies, or at least 750,000 customers making and returning purchases since 2007.

If it’s true that Forever 21 is engaging in such practices, I would really be disappointed. A lot of college kids and young professionals shop there for their fun and affordable clothing. I buy my costume jewelry from there. I say “high five” to Carolyn, the attorney, for suing if it’s true the company is doing such practices. I love it when people use their smarts to look out for the pockets of the Frugalistas!

The lesson in all of this is to always check your receipts. You never know when people may try to nickle and dime you. Nowadays, people may try to “out penny” you. How tragic!

What do you think about this story? Do you shop at Forever 21? Have you noticed anything weird with its returns? Is Carolyn a kick-butt Frugalista? I say, “YES!”

Dan Deluca, Flickr

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