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Meet & Gift Certificate Giveaway!

by frugalista on September 28, 2012

Hey! I kind of announced in passing a while ago that I have a partnership with, but I never did a big formal announcement! I am a part of a team of fab brand ambassadors/spokesbloggers for the awesome website, As a spokesblogger, I am here to inform everyone about how works and ways that it can help you live the frugal and fab life! To celebrate this new partnership, I am giving away a $25 gift certificate to a reader, so you can check out for yourself! To enter to win, you must leave a comment below telling me your favorite type of meal to eat when dining out!

So let’s get to the nitty gritty!

The 4-1-1 on!

1) Dining on a Discount: What I like about is that it’s truly for the frugal and fabulous. It allows you to go to everywhere from high-end restaurants to down-home Mexican grub spots. It’s up to you to decide what gift certificate that you want to purchase for where you want to eat.

2) Frugal – not Cheap!: Sometimes when you use a some daily deal coupons, you don’t get the best treatment by restaurant staff. With, I get the sense that it’s welcomed by the owners. You are able to order more food at a lower price by using the dining certificate, but it’s not a situation where most owners feel like there are being taken advantage of.

3) Rules of Engagement: is a favorite for Frugalistas because it offers you discounts on dining. You can buy gift certificates to the restaurants at a discount, but there is a minimum purchase in order to be able to use it. For instance, you may purchase a $50 gift certificate that only costs you $20 out-of-pocket. Be sure to read the fine print. Sometimes there is a minimum that you must spend in order to redeem the discount. I’ll tell anyone that is good for foodies who want to celebrate a full meal (drinks, appetizers, dessert)- not for people who just want to eat for free.

4) All Price Points: You can get gift certificates for as low at $5 and as high as $100. You don’t only have to eat at swanky spots, and the frugal in me enjoys that range. The site offers sales, but as a general rule, think for $40, you’ll get $100 worth of food; for $20 you’ll get $50 worth of food; and for $10 you can get a $25 worth of eating.

5) Not Fly By Night: I like that has been around since 1999. In its restaurant stable are more than 18,000 restaurants nationwide with more than 45,000 gift certificate options. I like that because I travel quite a bit, so it’s nice to know that the money that I do invest in a gift certificate CAN be used different places. I also like that the company is headquartered in the Chicago area. Some of the best people are from that area. No, I’m not biased. Did I ever tell you that I’m from the Chicago area? :)

What’s your favorite type of restaurant? Leave a comment below to be eligible to win a $25 gift certificate courtesy of! You have a week to enter! Yay

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