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12 Ways to Save Money on 12-12-12

by frugalista on December 12, 2012

Happy 12-12-12! This is the last time we’ll have a repeating date like this so I figured that we’d do it big. Here are twelve ways to save money, in honor of this special day!

12 Ways to Save Money

1)Supercook.com If you’re strapped about what to cook for dinner, type in the ingredients that you DO have in your kitchen and Supercook.com will find a recipe for you.

2) Check these sites out before you go grocery shopping: Redplum.com, Smartsource.com and Smartsavings.com

3) The Shopping List app is good to use before you hit the grocery store. It’s available on the iPhone. You can coordinate your shopping list with your spouse to make sure no one is over buying. It’s $2.99.

4) Consider renting college textbooks from chegg.com or bookrenter.com instead of buying from the pricey campus bookstores. Also, consider buying used textbooks from thriftbooks.com or half.com. Also, alibris.com and bookcloseouts.com
offer books for a small fraction of retail costs.

5) You always have your mobile with you. You can use Shop Savvy, which is available on Droid and iPhone. It allows you to scan the barcode on your phone’s camera and searches for the best deals at more than 20,000 local and online retailers. The Coupon Sherpa app finds and displays in-store coupons. It’s available on iPhone.

6) The Gasbuddy free app helps you find the closest and lowest-priced gas in your location. It’s available on most smart phones.

7) Join a credit union and get better financing rates! To find a credit union www.ASmarterChoice.org.

8)To find a great credit union card, a good website is www.CreditCardConnection.org (this weeds out credit union card programs run by banks).To find more than 28,000 surcharge free ATMS, go to http://www.co-opfs.org/public/locators/atmlocator/index.cfm.

9) Use coupon codes when shopping online. Check out couponcodes4u.com or retailmenot.com

10) When entering a clothing store, always check out the clearance section (normally at the back of the store) first.

11) Use personal finance calculators before making big financial decisions: CNNMoney (http://cgi.money.cnn.com/tools/) has a comprehensive amount of calculators so you can see where you stack up financially. Choose To Save (http://choosetosave.org/calculators/) has a great list of personal finance calculators from across the web.

12) Don’t buy movie tickets retail anymore. Use bulktix.com or Costco for lower priced movie tickets!

What are some of your tips for how to save money? Please share in the comment section! Happy 12-12-12!

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