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Would You Ask for Your Date’s Credit Score?

by frugalista on December 26, 2012

I think romance and finance are important, so I was intrigued by an article in the New York Times about singles getting asked their credit score when dating. Some people are asking as soon as the first date about their potential mate’s credit score. I think asking on the first date someone’s credit score is intrusive. Let’s first find out if we can enjoy a meal together. Furthermore, you could be a con artist. I don’t need you knowing my entire financial profile. However, I definitely think you need to find out your partner’s credit score status when you’re dating for keeps. I think singles need to think about not just the credit score, but the attitude surrounding the credit score. If the person has a nonchalant attitude about a low score, you need to know if that’s something that you can deal with in a mate. If the person has a low credit score and is working to improve it, that’s a promising sign. If your date has a great credit score, NEVER LET THAT PERSON GO! Heehee! Ok, I’m taking it a bit far, but a person with good credit is extremely sexy. Being financially meticulous is manly! A woman with good credit is an exquisite flower!

What do you think about asking your date’s credit score? How soon is too soon to ask the credit score? Would you date someone with bad credit?

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