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Five Things You Must Do – Right Now – To Save Money

by frugalista on January 3, 2013

Happy New Year, Frugs! I hope you are having a good one. I recently was a guest on WGN in Chicago, and gave some saving tips on what you can do right now to save money! Hurrah! Here are the tips below if you missed them! I really do adore the team at WGN!

Five Things You Must Do Right Now to Save Money

1) Unload those unwanted gift cards. How many of us got gift cards from places we wouldn’t be caught dead in? If you were cursed with BAD gift cards, check out websites such as, and, where you can sell your gift cards. Or -you can purchase one for a lower price.

2) Do a No-Buy Month. On February 1, I do my annual No-Buy Month. I do no discretionary spending. No dining out. No professional mani-pedis. I don’t even get my car washed. If it needs to be cleaned, I’ll wash it at home! I routinely save just under $400. Get creative that month. Invite friends over for a pot luck.

3) Don’t shop retail for your movie tickets. Buy wholesale – offers tickets for 40 percent off – as long as you buy at least four. You can also find tickets at a lower price at Costco and BJ wholesale clubs! Membership has its privileges.

4) Download the Decide App. This app gives you an idea when items that you want to purchase may be going on sale. It also compiles online reviews of the items. It’s available on Androids and iPhones.

5) Get Fee’d Off. Plan one day a week in January to look for fees that are not necessary in your life. Comb your bank account for monthly fees that your bank may have slipped into your account. Call them and ask exactly why you are getting fees. Some banks will not put a fee on your account if you have more than $20,000 in the bank with them. Don’t just take a monthly fees as a given. Also, consider switching to a credit union. Check out

What advice do you have for saving?

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