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Recycle Old Clothes at H&M, Get 15-Percent Discount!

by frugalista on January 14, 2013

Starting in February, H&M will allow you to save 15 percent on an item at the store for each bag of used clothes that you bring in for recycling. Yay! All 48 markets will have this program but not every H&M store will have it. Call first to see if your local H&M does clothing recycling.

Discount fashion stores are often knocked for feeding the sometimes controversial “fast fashion” beast. Many environmentalists argue that some retailers sell clothing with harmful chemicals that are bad on the earth and on human health. Also, other people worry about the trendy clothing clogging up a landfill as soon as the next fashion fad hits.

I had a mini-attack when I read about a rogue H&M store in New York destroying unsold clothes. I was happy to learn later that that H&M store was not acting within company policy. This upcoming initiative by H&M to encourage shoppers to recycle makes me think that H&M is trying to be a leader when it comes to responsible affordable fashion. Also, I read a study from Greenpeace that said that H&M, unlike many of its peers, is more serious about using more healthy practices in its clothing.

I’m excited to check out H&M’s recycling program. I think it’s smart business. I wonder if my local Goodwill will get jealous? 😉

So what do you think? Do you shop at H&M? Do you like the recycling program that it’s launching? Is this a good way to save money on fashion?

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