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Fashion Start Up Aims to Save Shoppers Money

by frugalista on February 11, 2013

Hey Frugs! I’ve made a vow to do more interviews with frugal startups. This week, I did a Q&A with new fashion startup, This San Fransisco startup is still in beta, so it’s fresh meat on the Internet. aims to help you find and organize your shopping deals. Read more from the interview with its co-founder, Laura Jung. Laura, who worked in web design, started the site with her computer scientist boyfriend.

Save Money Shopping with Fashion Startup

What exactly is

Shelf is a website that helps you shop for the stuff you want and then buy those things later when the price drops to a price you’re willing to pay. You’ll first go shopping the
way you normally do and bookmark all of the things that you like using Shelf. Then, from your “Shelves,” you can set up price notifications on these items and we will monitor the prices for you. As soon as an item goes on sale, we’ll let you know so that you can buy it quickly before your size runs out!

Who is it for?

We think Shelf will be most useful to shoppers who are on a budget. Sales and promotions come on a weekly basis for most stores. If you know the right time to buy, you’ll never have to pay full price again. Shelf takes away all the guess work.

There seems to be quite a bit of fashion online,, etc. How is yours different?

This space is definitely busy, but we’ve found that a lot of these shopping websites focus on the discovery of items. Shelf concentrates more on what happens after a user finds the items she likes. Basically, we want to take care of all of the chores involved in price-conscious shopping. Right now there are a few sites out there that handle bits and pieces of this very large problem; however, no one is combining everything under one roof. Additionally, no one else is helping the user figure out WHEN to buy their items. That’s pretty much our key difference. When a user bookmarks an item, we show them the absolute lowest price after all running promotions have been factored in.We tell you which promo code you need to use in order to get the promotion. Also, we’ll show you a chart of past prices for that item to help you decide if you should hold out for a lower price.

The Shelf from Lauren Jung on Vimeo.

How did you come up with the name?

We tossed around names for literally months. My Savvy Purse.The Trendy Tote. Spontalicious. Elfify. Nothing was sounding right. I just start throwing out any random thought that popped into my head. One of these thoughts was “The Shopping Elf” because we sort of magically help the user get what they want while saving them money and time. But from that dumb name, my smarty-pants-partner merged the two words into one, and came up with Shelf. The word Shelf is very relevant in terms of clothing and shopping and organizing your closet, etc. Plus, our site takes a horizontal Shelf-like approach in its layout!

Please tell us your best frugal and fabulous deal!

Well, every year for Christmas, my mom gives me set amount of money that I can spend on my gifts from her. The only stipulation is that I need to buy my gifts beforehand and have them shipped to her house, so that she can have them wrapped in time to put under the tree. Anyway, this year I needed a bunch of stuff, so I turned to the magic of Ebay! I bought seven things for $255 that would have been $1,035 had I bought them new! It sort of feels like winning the lottery!

What do you think about this new fashion discount site? Do you think you’ll try it? What are your favorite shopping sites?

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