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Time Well Spent

by frugalista on February 21, 2013

Hey Frugs! I’m in a place in my life where how my time is spent is just as important as having extra time in my schedule. I’m all about “time well spent.” What does that mean? It means I’m really becoming frugal with what I do with my time. I think “time well spent” will be my personal theme for 2013. I’m only allowing the right people a slot on my iPhone calendar.

I spent this past weekend at an amazing conference, Social Media Weekend. I moderated a panel on “Social Media and Personal Branding.” Trust me, getting the opportunity to talk to social media lovers on Columbia University’s campus AND spread the frugal and fab gospel is TIME WELL SPENT. My fellow panelists were informed and inspiring. My friend, Benet Wilson, recommended me to be the moderator. I’ve known Benet for a few years. Nurturing the friendship with her has been time well spent. I can’t say that for every relationship that I’ve nurtured.

I also went to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the first time, last week. My FOF (Friend of Frugalista) John-John (he’s been on the blog before) was in New York to cover fashion week. He invited me to attend a show with him. I really loved being his “plus one.” He’s quite the star at fashion week because he covers fashion full-time at his job at the Baltimore Sun. The B Michael America show was sublime. Follow me at instagram.com/frugalista for more shots. Time spent with John-John is time well spent.

I also got the opportunity to hang out with a childhood friend. I’ve known this girl since at least kindergarten. If you read The Frugalista Files: How One Woman Got Out of Debt Without Giving Up the Fabulous Life, she was “Carly.” She broke out her crock pot and made us mulled wine, a warm spice beverage. Hiccup! Yes! Sipping warm wine on a cold Sunday is a great way to spend the day. Later on, we went dancing – just like we used to do in high school. That’s time well spent.

I know I always talk about networking – and that’s really important. I may know some people, but I can’t say that spending time with them is well spent. Frugalistas hate to waste money and time is money. Let’s not waste time on people who aren’t sincere. You don’t have to be warm and fuzzy, but you need to have some sincerity.

Value your time and keep it fab!


How are you spending your time? Is it well spent?

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