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4 Fashions Young Professionals Should Own This Summer

by frugalista on April 29, 2013

Hey Frugs! The weather is getting a little warmer, so I whipped up an article for you young professionals, highlighting some summer frugal and fabulous fashions that you can wear to work and still look like a superstar. Check out these Frugalista looks that I edited from TheUltimateOutlet.com.

Four Must-Have Fashions for Professionals This Summer

White Blazer

This fitted white blazer is perfect to wear in the office, shielding you from the Arctic air conditioner. The linen will keep you cool after leaving work. It’s cute to wear over a sheath dress or a pencil skirt. Anytime you wear a blazer, it gives the appearance of authority. Because it’s not the traditional black blazer, the stark white color also gives this number a little bit of kick. You can also wear this blazer with cut off denim shorts and heels for a more polished daytime date look. Only $24.

Corporate Black Dress

This simple dress is good for when you are meeting with management. Dresses are smart for Frugalistas because with one purchase, you have the majority of your outfit complete! I like this dress from The Ultimate Outlet because the cowl neck gives the dress a more unexpected look than the traditional sheath dress. For a more sophisticated look, wear a blazer. It’s just under $30.

Silk Blend Pencil Skirt

As you move along in your career, paying attention the fabric of your fashion will become more important. This signature silk and cashmere knit skirt combines two of the most coveted fabrics in fashion. This skirt will hold its resale value. It’s also washable and the fabric can be worn throughout the seasons. I picked this skirt as a summer must-have because of its length. There’s a special art to picking work-appropriate skirts. Sometimes a skirt that’s right at your knees is not appropriate enough to take a meeting. The extra length of this skirt is appropriate for all settings, but its fitted silhouette still keeps you looking alluring. This skirt works also for happy hour or date night. It’s $24.

Little Bronze Dress

This bronze dress is perfect to wear if there is an evening work event. It’s the perfect play on the little black dress. It’s the little bronze dress.The conservative neckline and sleeves allow this dress to be coworker friendly, but the length allows for a little fun. The bronze color will look good on your sun-kissed skin. It’s $79.

What do you think about these items from UltimateOutlet.com? What are you wearing this summer? What’s your favorite corporate cutie work outfit?

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