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Is Graduate School a Joke?

by frugalista on April 16, 2013

I’ve often thought about returning to graduate school, many young professionals do, but I always opt not to do it. Why? I just don’t want to foot the price tag. I paid off my student loan bill and I’m not looking forward to another round of loans that would almost certainly be more expensive than the ones I had from my undergraduate education. I’m not the only one who has thought twice about the graduate school price tag and questioned if it’s worth the expense.

I’ve opted instead to take continuing education courses. I’ve taken some from my local community college and now I’m taking one at a university. They are short, informative and fun. Oh yes, they are tre affordable. There are no installment plans for paying them back.

Still, I look at my friends who have been to graduate school and they don’t seem to regret the decision. Yes, I hear a complaint or two about paying the loan on their five-to-six figure balances. I fundamentally think that education is sexy. Honestly, if America’s job market were stronger with more employers hiring for jobs with better and increasing pay, I’d seriously consider taking the graduate school plunge.

Here at, I’ve run content on going to graduate school on the frugal and fab tip. Unless I’m able to get graduate school for extremely low cost, I’ll keep living the “bachelor’s life.” :)

What about you? Do you think graduate school is worth the price tag? Talk to me! Did you go? Do you regret not going?

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