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Where to Shop for the Coolest, Most Affordable Eyeglasses

by frugalista on August 22, 2013

Best Places to Buy Fashionable Affordable GlassesHey! I’m an eyeglass snob! I mean, you’re wearing the glasses on your face. They matter. Luckily, some of the coolest prescription eyeglass providers have some awesome prices. Yes, eyewear can be frugal and fabulous. Here are a few places to check out for eyeglasses fitting for young professionals. I picked these retailers out because their glasses are both aesthetically and wallet pleasing!

1)Firmoo: I went to dinner with a group of friends, recently, and one of the guests had on awesome frames. I thought they were Warby Parkers, but she told me they were from Firmoo and only cost her $20. Frugalista find! You can purchase the glasses online and Firmoo even takes PayPal, which makes my heart flutter. The company says its able to keep the cool looking glasses costs so low because its an online operation with little overhead and it orders its glasses from manufacturers in Asia. The site regularly runs sales. You also get your first pair for free. More details on that on the youtube video below!

2)Warby Parker: Your local hipster and fave celeb are probably sporting a pair of Warby Parkers. The vintage-inspired frames have graced the faces of Ashton Kutcher, Emmy Rossum and Ryan Gosling. They retail at $95. The other cool thing about Warby Parker is that its New York store (121 Greene St.)has $50 eye glass exams. If you’re nervous about buying glasses online, Warby Parker allows you to order five try-on glasses for free online. Once you pick the one you want (within five days), order that pair online and return the five try-on glasses. Also, the company has a socially conscious side. For every pair of glasses it sells, the company will give a pair to someone in need. I can see that! :) #badpun

3) EyeFly: Eyefly was launched as a collaboration between Frugalista-friendly luxury fashion site BlueFly and A + D Labs, a designer glasses manufacturer. Eyefly’s price point is $94, including lenses.
Each pair is named after a well-known street or neighborhood(Park Place, Route 66, Union Square). There’s a virtual try on tool on the site and you can search by material, color, classic or contemporary. The glasses are marketed to the urban globe trotter. Eyefly, even though its an online shop, will even contact your doctor for your prescription information. Free shipping and returns.

4) Your Optical Healthcare: Some employers cover eyeglasses. I’ve bought Prada, Gucci and Giorgio Armani frames because the majority of the expenses were covered by my eye insurance. Sometimes we get a little dusty on what benefits our companies offer. It’s worth it to see how much of an eyeglass allowance your optical insurance offers and abuse it!

Where do you buy your affordable and fabulous eyeglasses?

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