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Happy Affordable Care Act Availability Day

by frugalista on October 1, 2013

Affordable Healthcare Act So, I was a big fan of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and wrote about it here at TheFrugalista.com I figured we could use some good news, given the government shutdown, so I decided to name today an unofficial holiday. Happy Affordable Care Act Availability Day! Freelancers, rejoice! Those with pre-existing conditions, rejoice! Artists, rejoice! The time is now to stop worrying about visits to the doctor and get insured! Check out healthcare.gov for enrollment information.

I’m disappointed that there is a government shutdown because some of our elected officials in Congress hate the Act. This government shutdown is projected to cause a multi-billion dollar hit to the economy. That is not frugal nor fabulous. What IS AWESOME, though, is that some businesses are offering freebies to the displaced federal workers. Let’s celebrate where we can! :)

My career path doesn’t always afford me the luxury to have employee-sponsored healthcare. I’m really happy to know that Obamacare is an option if needed. I’ve paid for my own healthcare insurance on and off for the last few years and it’s not fun. And I’m healthy. My friend who lives in Spain was pretty shocked at how much independent healthcare costs in America.He only pays $80 per month for the good healthcare there. Now, Americans can have similar bragging rights as our friends in Canada, Spain, etc. Save money!

Go to healthcare.gov if you need healthcare.

This is a good day for Frugalistas. Celebrate! I know Barefeet has a nice frugal and fabulous bubbly.

Are you signing up for the Affordable Care? Are you excited? Upset? What do you think about the government shutdown?

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