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Affordable Entertaining During the Holidays: Host a Drunch

by frugalista on December 16, 2013

Belgian wafflesHey, Fruggies! No, there’s not a typo in that headline. I recently wrote an article for The Mint Grad on ways to save money during the holidays. One way to save on entertaining is hosting a drunch – a mixture of brunch and dinner. Get it? Dinner + brunch = drunch. Breakfast foods are often more affordable than hearty dinner meals and many people LOVE eating breakfast food in the evening. We often eat breakfast after a proper late-night party. Why not make the brunch or breakfast food the focal part of the dinner party?

I give a few other tips on ways to stop the holidays from doing their own little dance on your growing bank account. I believe in keeping the party going, but always with your fabulous finances in mind!

What are you doing to save money during this holiday season?
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