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Seven Ways to Get in Shape Without Breaking the Bank

by frugalista on January 1, 2014

African American Fitness woman measuring her bellyHappy New Year! If you’re like me, you are looking for ways to de-pudge. I got my dear friend, Cheryl Grant, an editor at Glamour magazine and fit chick to write a post on how we can get fit and fabulous on the frugalista tip! Enjoy!

Seven Ways to Get In Shape Without Breaking the Bank!

by Cheryl S. Grant
At the start of the year many of us will make it one of our top resolutions to get into shape. As daunting as it is to get to the gym on
a cold winter night, the cost can really be a deterrent. Happily there are
ways to achieve your fitness goals without going bankrupt.

Check in with your health insurance
Many insurance companies offer reimbursements for getting in shape,
while others will offer discounts. So before even starting to scout
out prices learn what you can save. Just remember there are probably
requirements to earning the discounts or reimbursement such as having
to attend your fitness facility a certain number of times for the

Call Human Resources at Your Job
A fairly common perk offered at companies are discounts; because
working out lowers the visits that we make to the doctor which can
save your company money on healthcare costs. Clubs such as Equinox,Frugal Work Out
New York Health and Racquet and NYSC often are a part of these

Take it Day by Day
Before committing to the gym, try for a 7-10 day pass. It’s a good way to gauge
whether or not you will like the facility and all that it offers. It also
gives you the opportunity to see if you really like the facility and will
go as planned. Try for passes at the different gym locations close to your office and
home. Doing so can give you a few months of free workouts.

Try Month to Month
We all have good intentions but many of us start to fall short on our
exercise promise by the end of January, which is why it’s probably
best to only sign up for month to month. If you choose to sign a
contract you will be stuck either paying and never going or canceling
and paying a fee. Until going to the gym becomes second nature it’s
best to stay uncommitted.
Lose the Fat
While the fancier nationalized health clubs may seem to offer more
they also come with higher fees. Try checking out your local YMCA or
more basic facilities. They may not come with classes and a pool but
they have great equipment and can get you started on achieving your
fitness goals at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t be afraid to Negotiate
Though there are advertised prices never be afraid to ask if that’s the best price. Ask if there are promotional or off peak pricing available. Those tend to go unadvertised. Also, prices are a little more flexible during the less busy season of the year, so waiting until February or March may save you some bucks.

Self Help
Joining a gym can be fun but burning fat at home is certainly more convenient. There are limitless DVDs available at acacialifestyle.com, there are also YouTube videos that cost you nothing. As well there are apps you can download for free such as Calistix, Lose the Belly and Daily Workouts. If you like to run you can invest in the Nike + Sportwatch GPS and the Garmin Forerunner 220, they will keep track of miles and calories burned.
Just remember working out is about having a healthy life and spending more than you should isn’t really necessary. You can have the best work out of your life by just turning on your iPod and walking 30 minutes daily.

cherylCheryl S. Grant has reported, written and researched stories for magazines such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, W, InStyle, Family Circle, USA Today, Glamour, Glamour.com and MSN. She has covered numerous subjects, including tech, pop culture, gift guides, entertainment, family, relationships, psychology, fitness, nutrition, food, beauty, fashion, and how to live a green life. She also blogs at cherylsgrant.com.
Follow her on twitter@cheryls_grant

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