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Groupon Coupons

by frugalista on February 7, 2015

groupon couponHey Frugs! How are you? I definitely love digital coupons (I despise paper), so I wanted to show Groupon Coupons a little love. Groupon launched Groupon Coupons, which features more than 55,000 coupons from more than 8,000 retailers, a little more than a year ago. Think of it as a big clearing house for online shopping coupons. The coupons are free to use, which I like. You can find digital coupons, promotion codes, sales, giveaways and samples.

I’m OK with Groupon Coupons because the daily deals can be stressful. Yes, some of the Groupon Coupons do expire; however, you don’t have the pressure of making a purchase by the end of the day. No one likes buyer’s regret. With Valentine’s Day and prom dress shopping season in full swing, check out the Nordstrom’s page to find out if there are any coupons that work for you. Another Frugalista favorite shop on Groupon Coupons is Forever 21. I’m partial to the jewelry and other accessories there, but I know some people shop Forever 21 for the fashions.

What’s your favorite online coupon site? Have you used Groupon Coupons? Did you buy anything cute? Share with me! xoxo!

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