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Firmoo Eyeglasses Review

by frugalista on October 3, 2015

Natalie McNeal The frugal and fabulous people at Firmoo, an online optical store, asked me to do a review of its glasses, and I couldn’t wait. I’ve written about affordable eyeglasses before, and my friends wear Firmoo, but I hadn’t had a chance to cop my own pair. I’ve always worn Prada plastic frames (bought using company-sponsored eye insurance), Gucci or Armani. I knew that purchasing online glasses was the cool thing to do, but I needed a nudge to get a pair on my own. I needed to get over the mental hump of not wearing designer frames.

How did ordering glasses online go?

I signed up for an account on the Firmoo site. When filling out an order, it’s pretty easy to fill out the form off your prescription. However, my eyeglass prescription had a few different ways of labeling than the Firmoo site. I called my optometrist to get some quick clarification. You may want to order your glasses during day business hours in case you need to call your eye doctor for additional info. Another tip: You may have to measure your pupil distance. The site gives you tips on how to do it, but I called my eye doctor for that info. As you can tell, I always defer to the professionals, even though I worked briefly for an eye doctor in college and measured pupil eye distances for party spending money. I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect.

Picking Out Glasses

Be warned: These glasses sell out super fast. I looked through my glossy magazines to see the styles that celebs were wearing and tried to order a pair of glasses similar to what I’d seen, but they were sold out. The cute black plastic glasses I ended up picking out (and wearing here) are also sold out, now. As with most affordable shopping, if you like it – buy it. I strongly suggest going to the Daily New section, to better your chances with the inventory. There’s a section on the Firmoo site that lets you virtually try on glasses. I hate to be a cad, but I’ve been wearing glasses since elementary school. I know what works. I didn’t use it and was pleased with how the glasses turned out in person. The site suggests ordering within 5MM of the size of your previously worn frames. The best part was the cost– only $36. I’ve spent as much as $400 on glasses.


What Condition Were They In When You Got Them?

The package fit into the mailbox. I was shocked to see that the glasses came with a mini eyeglass repair kit, hard case, cleaning cloth and drawstring sleeve to store them. I’ve been washing the lenses with dish soap and water and have had no problems.

Affordable Eye Glasses

I Know The Glasses Are Under $40. Do THEY WORK? Do you LIKE Them?

I love them. I like looking current. I like the price. They fit well and the prescription worked out fine. What I like most about them is that they make me feel fun. It’s like buying something really cute and trendy from H&M. The hairstyle that I’m wearing in this photo is something new that I tried, inspired by Normani Hamilton from Fifth Harmony and my glasses! Baby, I’m worth it.

photo (10)

Where do you buy your glasses? Are you an eyeglass snob?

*I was gifted the glasses used in this review.

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