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The Frugalista Files: How One Woman Got Out of Debt Without Giving Up the Fabulous Life Book Buzz:

McNeal, a journalist and founder of, chronicles her journey from debt-slave to empowered financier in this delightful account… “Her example shows that gaining control of one’s expenses is within almost anyone’s grasp.” ~ Publisher’s Weekly

The Frugalista Files is easy to read and totally entertaining. I literally was laughing out loud at certain parts…It is refreshing to hear how someone tackled her issues with debt while still being able to live her fabulous life. This book is totally Confessions of a Shopaholic meets Suze Orman. ~ Marquette Heaven – AOL Shopping

If you’re expecting a thick personal finance tome, you’ll be disappointed. I’ve read enough of those, and I don’t think most people get in debt because they don’t know the difference between an IRA and a Keogh. It’s those common sense choices – like Natalie had to make – that make the difference.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as much for the fun of getting to know her as for the personal finance saga. ~ Sally A. Herigstad, personal finance journalist, author, “Help! I Can’t Pay My Bills” 

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