How to Save Money on Health Products

April 30, 2015

Hey Frugs! I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Dr. Oz Show. I discussed ways to save money on everyday health products. Here is the segment, in case you missed it. Let me know below what you think of the tips and what you do to save money at the drugstore!

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How I Saved It: Cable Edition

August 18, 2010

Hi Frugalistas! This guest blog post is from reader Benet Wilson, telling us how she saved big cash on cable! If you have an idea for the “How I Saved It” series, drop me a line at xo! How I Saved It by Benet J. Wilson Our family has been a DirecTV customer for […]

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Frugalista on Oprah Radio

April 28, 2010

Yippee! I’m going to be on The Derrick Ashong Experience at 1: 30 p.m. (est), Saturday. The Derrick Ashong Experience is a radio show that’s all about “socially meaningful media.” You all know, I have a twitter addiction. Remember, #dealchat is tonight at 8 p.m. (est). You love it, right? I’m all about having “the […]

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April 27, 2010

Frugalistas, I need your strength, help and concern. I’m normally the person who my friends/blog peers turn to to talk about budgets, but today, I need to confess to you all! After years of doing my finances independently, I signed up to use budgeting website, Using the site is like having a money nag, […]

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#dealchat transcript

April 22, 2010

Chello! Here is the #dealchat transcript on romance and finance on the frugal! Last night’s twitter #dealchat was among my favorites since I started the chats. I think we provided a community service to love and personal finance! Who knew that Frugalistas and Frugalistos could be so romantic? xo, Natalie

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Frugalista on Blog Talk Radio

April 19, 2010

Good news! I’m going to be on blogger, The Jaded NYer’s, talk radio show tonight at 10 p.m. est. talking cold hard cash! I can not wait. Call-in Number: (718) 766-4011 It is always an honor when another blogger wants to highlight what you do on one of their platforms. The Jaded Nyer is a […]

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#dealchat round up!

March 25, 2010

Ok, if you are missing my weekly #dealchat on twitter, why is that? I’m not the kind of girl who likes to be alone! We have so much fun sharing ideas on the best techniques and deals around town. It’s even getting noticed. Journalist Chris Nelson who blogs on a Baltimore Sun site wrote a […]

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Best Frugal Blogs of 2010

March 24, 2010

Yippee! The fine and lovely women at Tucson on the Cheap named one of the “Best Frugal Blogs of 2010.” Yours truly got the nod in the “general category” which works well for me. I think the fine ladies at Tucson on the Cheap were a fan of Dine-In Week! Yay! Frugalista is a […]

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Birthday Feast!

February 23, 2010

Ok, so I lied. I didn’t make my chicken stir fry last night. I had every intention but my birthday is today so I wanted to treat myself early. I made my shrimp and cheese grits meal. YUMMY! I make mine mine similar to the link I just provided, but minus the bacon and scaled […]

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February 18, 2010

O.M.G.! If you missed last night’s #dealchat on Twitter, my heart goes out to you! We had SOO much fun! It was only supposed to be 30 minutes, but we went over time. All the Frugalistas and Frugalistos came out to to share hot saving tips! Trust me, I brought my best deals and saving […]

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