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Watch Natalie on The Dr. Oz Show, Tuesday (4/28)

April 27, 2015

Hey Frugs! I’ve been sitting on this info for a while! I shot a segment on The Dr. Oz Show, and it will air on Tuesday. Check your local listings for the time. I had a ball giving out some frugal and fab tips on the show, and Dr. Oz and his staff were super […]

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How Google Saved My Family at Least $150

December 26, 2013

My mother’s flatscreen television is her pride and joy. I know she loves and cares for me, but her flatscreen has less mouth than I do and about the same amount of curb appeal. After owning it for fewer than two years, it stopped working. The screen wouldn’t light up. It made a clicking noise […]

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25 + Things Rich People Won’t Tell You

October 29, 2013

Hey Frugs! Reader’s Digest has an interesting article on how rich people think about money. I found it pretty fascinating. A lot of wealthy people are frugals. I mean, they don’t pay fees for anything – even if they have a bank account attached to an oil well. I don’t like people who are cheap […]

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10 Things College Students Don’t Need

October 22, 2013

Hey Frugs! College is so much fun, but you shoudn’t overload yourself with things you don’t need. Too much stuff can weigh you down. Buying unnecessary items just makes you a hoarder-in-training. Please check out this blog post that I wrote, 10 Things College Students Don’t Need xo!

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Five Things You Must Do – Right Now – To Save Money

January 3, 2013

Happy New Year, Frugs! I hope you are having a good one. I recently was a guest on WGN in Chicago, and gave some saving tips on what you can do right now to save money! Hurrah! Here are the tips below if you missed them! I really do adore the team at WGN! Five […]

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12 Ways to Save Money on 12-12-12

December 12, 2012

Happy 12-12-12! This is the last time we’ll have a repeating date like this so I figured that we’d do it big. Here are twelve ways to save money, in honor of this special day! 12 Ways to Save Money 1) If you’re strapped about what to cook for dinner, type in the ingredients that […]

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All I Want for Christmas is You!

December 5, 2012

Have you seen this video with Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performing “All I Want for Christmas is You?” I’m starting to think that Mariah Carey is a Frugalista! It is the cutest thing. I’ve always loved the message in this song. I hope you hum this jingle as you do your Christmas […]

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Frugalista on Anderson Live *Today*

September 14, 2012

Hey Frugs! Great news! I got to hang with the Silver Fox, Anderson Cooper, on his awesome Anderson Live talk show! Yay! I was a special guest on Anderson Live’s “Frugal Friday” segment! Let’s just say that hanging with Mr. Cooper is, well, LIVE! If you are ever in New York, please try to be […]

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Money Is Power – If You Spend It Smartly

July 31, 2012

A college friend had a saying that she used after negative shopping experiences – “You won’t miss me, but you’ll miss my money.” I knew right away after hearing my friend say those words that a) she was truly upset with the service b) the business lost her as a customer. I learned a very […]

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Do You Shop By Neighborhood?

July 18, 2012

I recently went to a business conference and needed a zipper for my favorite young professional dress by Suzi Chin . The cleaners in my ‘hood said that it couldn’t help me (meh) and referred me to another cleaners, around the corner and down a few streets. This new cleaners was in a part of […]

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