Q&A with the Founder of the Moneyworks App

May 6, 2015

Hey Frugs! I made a personal vow to start highlighting start up founders. I had the opportunity to talk to Ben Weiss, co-founder of the Moneyworks app. The Moneyworks app is part of the “predictive behavior” tech trend that basically profiles your habits and anticipates what you will do next – even before you make […]

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App Review- Shopular

April 1, 2015

Hey Frugs! I was asked to review the shopping deals app, Shopular. I hung out with the app for a week and I wanted to give you the skinny! You know that I love to give young professionals app information! The Overview So basically, Shopular lets you curate your favorite stores (think shops found in […]

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Worth a Look: Aio Wireless

December 23, 2013

When I think of pre-paid wireless, visions of crowded stores filled with irate customers and annoyingly flirtatious service reps dance in my head. It’s not pretty. So, when I was approached to checkout Aio Wireless, a new kid on the block (launched in May) in the pre-paid cellular game, I was pleasantly surprised. If MetroPCs’ […]

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Startups Want to Use Your Facebook As a Credit Score

September 3, 2013

CNN ran an article recently about all of these new start ups using social media profiles and even Pay Pal to determine if you’re worthy of a loan. I’ve written twice before about start ups using your social media profile to determine credit worthiness and how they will become more popular. While I do think […]

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Sell Your iPhone Now

August 23, 2013

If you’re like, me you can’t wait for the new iPhone to reach market – potentially in early September (rumor has it dropping on Sept. 10). The thought of owning a beautiful gold iPhone brings chills down my spine. I love shiny things. But if you’re a true Frugalista, you want to be sure to […]

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Where You Can Sell Your Old iPhone

September 13, 2012

Hey Frugs! So the iPhone 5 is all the rage, right now. If you’re an iPhone user, what do you do with your old iPhones? I ran across this really cool post from “Cult of Mac” website listing places you can sell your iPhone. The post lists the usual suspects such as Craigslist and eBay. […]

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Best Apps to Save Money on Gaming

July 20, 2012

Today, I have a guest blog from Jordan Bobbit, a college coed and daughter of one of my favorite bloggers, Reads4Pleasure. I had the pleasure of hanging with Jordan and her mom on a recent trip to New Orleans. I knew immediately that I needed to have Jordan’s smarts on all things gaming on TheFrugalista.com! […]

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Save Money: Turn a Coffee Can Into a WI-FI Antenna

June 12, 2012

So, I am a bit Wi-Fi obsessed, as any young professional. I’m known for crashing fine establishments, just to suck up use the free Wi-Fi. I’m human. Social media industry website Mashable has peaked my interest with an article on how to make a DIY Wi-Fi antenna out of a coffee can. Who knew? Now, […]

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Banks Target Facebook Friends for Credit Risks and Business

March 29, 2012

Roughly 850 million people use Facebook, and banks see the potential to earn big bucks based on the relationships each of these users have with one another. TheFrugalista.com is shocked, nervous and outraged at this!

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March 16, 2012

Miami, Fla. – With the new iPad hitting stores, TheFrugalista.com, a personal finance brand, has a redesigned website with tablet enhancements. “Considering the increase of mobile devices like the iPad in everyday use, it’s important that Frugalista stays ahead of the curve to accommodate the growing audience,” said brand CEO and owner Natalie P. McNeal. […]

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