Time Well Spent

February 21, 2013

Hey Frugs! I’m in a place in my life where how my time is spent is just as important as having extra time in my schedule. I’m all about “time well spent.” What does that mean? It means I’m really becoming frugal with what I do with my time. I think “time well spent” will […]

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Would You Ask for Your Date’s Credit Score?

December 26, 2012

I think romance and finance are important, so I was intrigued by an article in the New York Times about singles getting asked their credit score when dating. Some people are asking as soon as the first date about their potential mate’s credit score. I think asking on the first date someone’s credit score is […]

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Cherish What People Give You for Free

August 11, 2012

Hey Frugs! I have a guest post from a Facebook friend (in my head), Safi Thomas. I’ve never met him, but I love the way he constructs an argument! Safi, who is the founder of The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory, wrote a beautiful post about respecting what people give you for free. Because of my profile, […]

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How to Save Money When Divorcing

July 23, 2012

Hey Frugs! I met Lisa Decker of Divorce Money Matters at a blogging convention a while ago and I’ve been smitten with her money-saving smarts ever since! Lisa is a certified divorce financial analyst, which means she assists and advocates for the financial health of her clients during a divorce. Lisa’s motto? “Divorce Your Spouse, […]

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Does Marriage Make You Wealthy?

July 16, 2012

The New York Times did a fantastic job writing about how being married can make it easier to live a life of financial prosperity. The article profiles two mothers – one who is married and one who is not- and chronicles their extremely different lifestyles. The mom who is married and graduated from college has […]

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Is Money Harmony the Secret to a Long Marriage?

June 14, 2012

The Huffington Post had an interesting quote in an article saying that having a similar financial philosophy as your mate is the key to a successful marriage. So much for chemistry! Money management makes a marriage work! Read below: From an 87-year-old woman, who has been married for 58 years: “… if you’re a free […]

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Happy National Proposal Day: Guest Post On How a Frugalisto Saved for an Engagement Ring

March 20, 2012

So, today is National Proposal Day! Yes, love is in the air! Yay! I asked Terence, our resident (and recently engaged) Frugalisto of the “Real Men Use Coupons” post to share some tips for ring shopping from a “Frugalisto” perspective! Read Terence’s Tale of Love and Frugalness! How One Frugalisto Found Enough Money to Buy […]

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Dating Men for Meals: Frugal or Fail?

March 5, 2012

Would you use your looks to score dinner dates with guys you already know you aren’t interested in just to save a few dollars on your meal expenses? That’s exactly what Manhattanite Jessica Sporty did! In an interview with ABC Good Morning America, Sporty said she wasn’t a gold-digger, just traditional, and felt men should […]

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Frugal Gifts That You Want From Your Man

December 19, 2011

Hey, my Frugs! How are you? I asked some of my blogger friends to tell me what their significant other, or any love interest, could buy or give them for Christmas that was low cost and lovely. The responses will show you that we women are beautiful, loving and kindhearted people! I am providing this […]

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What Makes You Happy? Spending on Things Or Experiences?

November 9, 2011

Hey! I was a guest on the The Callie Crossley Show, an awesome radio show out of Boston, last week. I had a ball with the guests and call-in listeners, chatting about ways that we chose to spend – or not spend – in this economy. Be sure to listen to it on this link. […]

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