McNeal, a journalist and founder of, chronicles her journey from debt-slave to empowered financier in this delightful account.. “Her example shows that gaining control of one’s expenses is within almost anyone’s grasp”.

From Publisher's Weekly

Initially, I bought this book for a weekend read, but I loved it so much that I read it in one day! Natalie McNeal provides a very authentic and honest depiction on what it’s like when you find yourself in debt. I was so engaged and so inspired I decided to make financial changes of […]

LaShon Fryer

The Frugalista Files is easy to read and totally entertaining. I literally was laughing out loud at certain parts. If you have a problem spending and shopping or even if you don’t, but love a funny read, I highly recommend this book. This book is totally Confessions of a Shopaholic meets Suze Orman.